Setanta Marketing and Analytics

Setanta Marketing and Analytics

In the digital world, markets are global and rapidly changing. Competition for keywords and search ranking is intense, new competitors can spring up daily, and grabbing customers’ mind-share is ever more challenging. Even Influencer Marketing is losing its effectiveness as overuse erodes credibility. At Setanta Marketing we have created the next evolution in Web Analysis technology to meet these challenges. Learn more below:

Our Technology

Setanta Marketing and Analytics began in response to questions that we and our clients had about marketing:

  • How do I gain insights into shifting markets, develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, and execute cost-effectively? Using traditional search engines and tools, this kind of in-depth analysis is impossibly time consuming and haphazard.
  • How do I pivot rapidly when the market swings in a new direction?
  • Is Influencer Marketing the right approach as more companies chase a limited group of paid influencers who risk eroding their authenticity?
  • The Web and everybody’s inboxes are flooded with content. How do I differentiate my campaigns?
  • How do I find fresh ideas for content? Existing Listening Platforms are laborious to configure, and must wade through pages of irrelevant output.
  • What Search Engine Optimization techniques really work?
  • All the tools and platforms we reviewed had major limitations, particularly poor control over relevance and focus on a limited range of Social Media and bloggers. In response, we began developing the next evolution in Web Analysis technology to extract the hidden insights that others miss.

  • We scan the entire Web to identify your potential customers, trending topics, and Social Influencers.
  • Our technology uses patent-pending algorithms to track the spread of highly relevant content beyond Social Media and analyze the authors’ social authority. This produces the most comprehensive view of your target audience’s preferences and their unique voice.
  • We analyze the network of relationships to identify Micro Social Influencers that have the necessary reach, relevance, and authenticity to persuade your potential customers.
  • Coupled with our integrated Digital Revenue Model, our Web Analysis technology will give you a compelling competitive advantage.

    Influencer Marketing and Micro-Influencers

    Influencer Marketing uses key opinion leaders to promote a brand or product, using their social authority, a combination of relevance, credibility, and reach to shape buying behavior. Influencer Marketing uses and is related to several other marketing techniques:

  • Social Media marketing and Content Marketing are used as delivery methods, but they are not the same as Influencer Marketing.
  • Influencer Marketing is a form of word-of- mouth marketing; however, not all word-of-mouth marketing is driven by influencer campaigns.
  • Advocate Marketing focuses on encouraging already-loyal customers to share their love of a brand or product, for example, by way of product reviews or references. Influencers typically have a greater reach and credibility than customer advocates, and they often require some form of payment.
  • Influencers not only bring their audience, but they also bring their audience’s network. The loyalty of this audience allows the influencer to drive traffic to your sales channels and increase your Social Media exposure. Distributing your content and generating links to your site via social influencers also increases your organic search rankings.

    Influencers can encourage their audience members to act. This is a natural outcome of their credibility: their audience chooses to follow their blog or social media posts and is therefore engaged with the subject and open to consider your content and therefore your product. However, it is critical that the content used is authentic, relevant, and of high quality.

    The benefits of Influencer Marketing are becoming very apparent. McKinsey have found that Influencer Marketing can generate up to a 6.5x ROI, and customers acquired by this approach have a 37 percent higher retention rate. They also found that social recommendations induced an average of 26 percent of purchases across all product categories, especially for first-time buyers.

    Research has shown that influencer marketing was rated as the fastest growing online customer acquisition channel, beating organic search, paid search, and email marketing with 400% increase from 2014 to 2017. 88% of customers trust online reviews by strangers as much as they would recommendations from friends. This trend is likely to continue as 47% of online consumers use ad-blockers.

    However, as Influencer Marketing has grown, relying on the limited pool of top influencers has its drawbacks. A fresh approach is needed to find highly relevant and authentic Social Influencers.

  • Unlike most Influencer Marketing platforms, we don't rely on relatively limited databases of overused influencers, or base our selection on a simple analysis of social media and blog traffic. We perform a deep and comprehensive Web analysis using our patent-pending technology to identify a larger number of micro-influencers.
  • Our technology finds authentic influencers highly relevant to your product/brand. This approach is particularly effective at identifying influencers for niche products.
  • We calculate social authority not just using Social Media followership. We analyze an influencer's total presence on the Web, search engine ranking, content quality, and other proprietary factors.
  • At Setanta Analytics we create Influencer Marketing campaigns using the following steps:

  • We identify a network of relevant, authentic, and highly effective influencers.
  • Our Web analysis also identifies trending topics, keywords, hashtags, and customer preferences to drive content creation and marketing strategy. We also create an understanding of your customers’ voice, allowing content to speak in a style that is more credible and likely to connect with your audience.
  • We create a dual-layered marketing campaign, first aimed at recruiting influencers, and second providing relevant, high-quality content for the influencers to publish for their audience. Based on our analysis, the campaign will target types of influencer— activists, informers, and technical authorities, for example—and the most effective channels, such as blogs, forums, and specific Social Media.
  • We track key metrics relating to reach, sales, and brand awareness, adjusting the campaign to optimize ROI.
  • Periodically, we reperform the web analysis to identify emerging influencers and fresh topics for content generation.
  • We offer turnkey solutions including strategy formulation, identifying and engaging influencers, followed by content creation, campaign execution and management. If you are already working with specific Social Media marketing platforms or agencies, we can improve your campaign effectiveness by providing an enhanced list of Social Influencers and topics for content creation. We can also integrate our services with your campaign management platform of choice.

    Marketing Strategy Research

    Going viral shouldn’t be left to chance. Setanta Marketing can make it a science and enhance the effectiveness of all your brand awareness campaigns and promotions. We can also help you implement web stores or integrate with existing e-business channels to deliver a comprehensive online marketing strategy.

    Social Networks have grown enormous, but it is difficult to target very specific audiences, and the value of Facebook likes and Twitter followers is low unless you can attract the right people. Setanta Marketing web analysis will allow you to quickly find the people that are already looking for your product. Armed with this information you can:

  • Effectively develop your online strategy.
  • Target advertising keywords.
  • Research markets and competitive products.
  • Identify the most effective online channels including your company’s web store.
  • Optimize your website and social media presence.
  • Develop promotions targeting potential customers and Social Influencers.
  • Setanta Marketing can design and implement your integrated online strategy. Our process integrates proven Web and traditional marketing best practices that work, turbo-charging them with patent pending technology and data not available from any other source.

  • Product analysis – what are its key attributes and benefits?
  • Market analysis driven by Setanta Marketing data – who and where are your potential buyers?
  • Identify online channels – how will I distribute and monetize my products?
  • Implement your website and web store.
  • Define promotions – find a voice that speaks to your audience.
  • Execute and monitor promotions using Setanta Marketing tools.
  • Digital Marketing

    Coupled with our integrated Digital Revenue Model, our Web Analysis technology will give you a compelling competitive advantage:

  • Develop winning marketing strategies based on a deeper understanding of your customers and competition.
  • Identify and track trends so that you can adapt and pivot in response to rapid market shifts.
  • Discover new digital and traditional channels.
  • Engage with fresh and highly relevant Social Influencers who can recommend you products or services to precisely the right consumers.
  • Sophisticated Natural Language techniques generate a broader range of relevant (and often lower cost) keywords.
  • Execute high ROI digital campaigns that bring new traffic sources to your web presence using precisely targeted paid ads, innovative keywords, remarketing, email, Social Media, content marketing, influencer marketing, and organic search.
  • Maximize conversions, purchase size and margins.
  • Improve customer engagement to drive repeat business.
  • Our data has identified for our clients high-margin niche markets, novel distribution channels, and innovative opportunities to partner with other organizations. Our topic analysis has gained our clients a deeper understanding of their customers’ product requirements and given their content a voice that their customers can relate to.

    Read Carrie West’s article published in Blytheco’s Bellwether magazine “Power Your Marketing Strategies with Smarter Internet Search”

    The Ultimate Pivot Tool

    So, it’s time to salvage a startup in your portfolio and pivot into a new market. Or do you need to validate the potential of an investment? In either case, you need a deeper perspective into customer preferences and the competition.

  • Gain the insights necessary to reimagine your product and unlock new markets.
  • Comprehensively analyze the competitive landscape.
  • Uncover gaps in existing markets.
  • Understand your audience's true preferences and unmet desires.
  • Using our analytics, our clients have discovered entirely new audiences and successfully repurposed their offerings. Even in markets thought to be well understood, we have found new competitive threats and fresh insights into buyer behavior.

    Customer Testimonials

    I am Head of Operations for a financial technology startup company in Hawaii. We built an amazing product and found ourselves trying to determine how to get the word out. Enter Setanta Marketing. They asked us some initial questions and then provided us with actionable data to work with.

    Using Setanta Marketing helped us to clarify our focus and the type of client to go after. It helped us to understand who to connect to, who to seek partnerships with and what our potential clients are looking for. All helping us build our social authority and thereby increasing traffic to first our blog and content and later our sales landing page.

    The actionable data allowed us to obtain a clear perspective on the market and better identify what potential clients’ needs, not just what we think they need or want in our product area.

    Overall, we are in the early stages of implementing the approach of using strong/powerful content to drive traffic to our site, but we are already making good connections and seeing results in increased sales and interest in our product and services.

    Thank you, Setanta Marketing for clear direction, great data and a way to reach people looking for us!

    Thelma Alane, COO Jumpsuit Commerce

    Customer Use Cases