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Agile IT Strategy

CIOs need a more holistic approach for planning and executing disruptive times: an agile IT strategy.

Managing Change

Whether you are a start-up, mid-size or multinational corporation, in any industry, change brings difficulties. At Setanta, our experts have decades of experience in transformational projects involving organizational and IT change management.

Cybersecurity - the Human Factor

Organizations are investing in security, hardware, and services; however, while these elements are necessary, they are not sufficient. More than half of security breaches have their root causes in factors containing a human component. While much effort and investment is expended protecting an organization’s perimeter, insiders have a hand, intentionally or inadvertently, in most security breaches.

Project Recovery and Risk Management

Examine the root causes of IT project failure. Technology often takes the blame, but management challenges should share it. Frequently described as project management issues, the true root causes can be found in diverse areas of an organization’s management, operations, and culture.

Gaming Brief: The Rise of the Millennnials

The rise of Millennials will not be like the previous shifts in generations. This one is massive and has casino executives as well as gaming manufacturers looking to adapt the industry to entice the next generation to gambling.

Writing an Executive Summary

Whether a company is in the start-up or expansion phase, having a well-written executive summary is an important step to explaining what your organization does and where it sees itself going. This white paper will guide you to some basic steps and ideas on how to create a summary that opens doors.